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Sea Life in Glass
My post degree search for the right materials to express all the things I find beautiful, brought me to glass. I completed a day's training in glass working using the 'cold fusion technique'. Whilst I recognised the materials potential, I felt it needed to be more free for me to find its truest forms. I developed my own ways of working with glass that involved a kind of serendipity. I can manipulate the material to a point, but once it is introduced to heat, it does its own thing.

The results are either brilliant or not so brilliant but I wouldn't have it any other way.

In the works you see before you, I have explored the fluid shapes of sea life. Shapes that have adapted to move at their most efficient through the element of water. I have also continued with explorations of the dynamic movements of water, as that is infinitely as varied and captivating, as it is fleeting. The colours dance with the light across the undulations of the work. Colour is the lifeblood of the work and is the one element that is needed to make it 'sing' its presence.


Angie McCormick B.A.(Hons)

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