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My work has evolved in terms of materials over the last few years largley due to the need to find an appropriate material that accuratley responds to my aesthetic need. glass does this, extremely well. The techniques I employ to create my work have been developed partly in response to audience research but also to develop the fluidity that is intrinsic to my work.

About the Artist

Angie McCormick is a highly imaginative, dynamic and resourceful individual with the capacity to draw inspiration from anything. Having a natural talent for arts, she has been creative from an early age. Graduating from Liverpool John Moores University in 2009 with a BA (Hons) fine art degree, Angie has experience in various mediums and a drive and a passion to create which results in art that is alive and beautiful. These attributes are coupled with a high degree of care and consideration for future owners when finishing projects.
I am in pursuit of beautiful serendipity, craves the perfect curve or twist. Organic undulations weave through my mind, searching for an idea to rest upon. Grace, beauty and dynamism are the qualities I aspire to. Light is an intrinsic part of my work, it highlights the forms I creates as it glides along its surfaces. Her work is concerned with fluid forms that echo the movement of water. I seek to express my passion for all things graceful, beautiful and dynamic.

Creating is a need for me as opposed to a chore. It always seemed to find me in other career choices, even during my four years in the H.M. Forces. Creativity I notice, is inspired within people from different autobiographical emotional experiences. Mine comes from a positive driving and quite dynamic source which reflects in my work.

Angie McCormick
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